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   Richard Horodeck, the firm's founder, is a New York-based attorney whose practice, since the mid-1980's, has focused on the tax, legal and business structuring of offshore investments for Japan's leading financial institutions and the introduction of alternative investments ("AI") to Japan. He has been actively involved with Japan for more than 30 years, 11 of which were spent living there. The firm bearing his name was organized in 1996. Fluent in Japanese, Mr. Horodeck knows Japan as few other foreigners do, having spent several years as a monk in one of Japan's most famous Buddhist monasteries, and several years after that designing one of the first Japanese wordprocessors (for which he earned his PhD and a patent).

   In 1996-1997 he hosted the first US seminars on AI aimed specifically at Japanese investors and, in spring, 1998, the first such Japanese-sponsored seminar in Japan. He created the first US and offshore limited partnerships to be funded with Japanese public pension funds and the first offshore unit trusts to be organized by Japanese insurers. His firm regularly assists Japanese institutions with fund set-up and new product design, manager selection, due diligence and international tax and legal compliance, and also consults to hedge fund and private equity fund managers seeking to maximize their penetration into Japan. Most recently the firm has been involved with the Japanese government and private sector efforts to introduce US ERISA-style practices aimed at enhancing the investment returns of Japan's pension funds.

   Mr. Horodeck is the author (in Japanese) of The Intelligent Investor's Guide to Offshore and Hedge Fund Investing (Diamond). His columns and interviews appear regularly in the Japanese media.

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